Will not be stopped by the arrests and harassment: Popular Front

A resolution passed by the National Executive Council meeting of the Popular Front of India held in Bangalore strongly condemned the vilification campaign against the organization in various parts of the country.

With the witch-hunt against the organization and its members in Telangana and Bihar and the subsequent false propaganda against the organization, it has become clear that there is a larger conspiracy to silence the organization. The way Popular Front is being targeted by police in both states follows the same pattern: arrest innocent Muslim youths and manufacture a terror narrative to keep them behind bars without bail and link Popular Front. In the process liberties and protection guaranteed to the citizens by law are thrown to the wind. These Muslim youths are being targeted not because they committed any crime but because they used their freedom for democratic activism. The police witch-hunt is made easier by a large section of media that is eager to sensationalise any issue rather than to inform the truth. Today if it is Popular Front, the same fate awaits any form of activism in the country that the government does not like. The Popular Front will not be stopped by the arrests. The organization will continue its democratic struggle against state harassment.

Popular Front calls upon the political parties and civil society to speak out against the trend of turning the country into a police state.

In another resolution, the NEC of the Popular Front said that the new list of unparliamentary words was tantamount to banning free speech.

While in a democracy the very purpose of the parliament is to raise questions to the rulers, by banning words, this government wants to dispense with the very capacity of the parliamentarians to speak. This is an insult to the members who have been elected and sent to the parliament by the people to be their voice. This reveals the attempts for micro-level control and shaping of debates, which should be exposed and rejected.

Director, Media and PR,
Popular Front Headquarters,
New Delhi.