Will fight against the fascist forces until our last drop of blood: Anis Ahmed

Jagtial, Telangana, 22 Oct. 2017:

“We also have something to say”, the grand conference at Jagtial city after the success of Bangalore’s massive and historical gathering, has been attended by thousands and addressed by prominent scholars, leaders and rights activists.

The conference started with the historical rhymes “Sare Jahan Se Acha, Hindustan Hamara”, PFI Deccan Zone Secretary Arif Ahmed, welcomed the guests and presented the organizational state unit’s activity report.

In his address to the large gathering at A.R Function Hall, PFI national secretary Anis Ahmed said, Popular Front’s grand conferences being conducted in different parts of the country are receiving overwhelming support from the masses. Millions of people had gathered in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka on the invitation of Popular Front. He said, the success of our grand conferences makes it clear that the Muslims, Dalits and all other deprived sections of the society are desperate to see a change. He added, Popular Front is a social movement and is striving for people’s rights for the quarter century by reaching out to them. The organization has been receiving great acceptance among the people of the country.

“Recently, a smear campaign was launched under the agenda of the RSS, which was further promoted by a section of media by spreading false and baseless allegations against the organization. Against which, Popular Front decided to make the people aware of the truth and these grand public conferences in various parts of the country are a response. This grand conference of Jagtial too was scheduled to be held at Mini Stadium of Jagtial, but the police, influenced by fascists in the region refused to give us the permission.” Anis Ahmed made it clear that we would continue our struggles to protect our country from the threat of fascist forces, until our last drop of blood falls.

PFI Telangana state president Abdul Ahad said that amidst the vilification campaign spearheaded by a section of media against Popular Front of India quoting government sources, Chairman E. Abubacker has submitted a memorandum to Union Home Ministry, National Security Adviser and National Investigation Agency seeking objective and fair treatment on the part of the concerned authorities and withdrawal of the alleged moves to restrict the activities of the organization. In the memorandum, Popular Front chairman has expressed concern over the witch-hunt of the organization and said that some forces are “working to create an atmosphere of fear and suspicion against us with intention of forcing the government to restrict its activities”. He called the media reports part of the smear campaign to tarnish the image of Popular Front of India among the common public.

Abdul Ahad said, it was also pointed out in the memorandum that Popular Front is a nationwide movement with tens of thousands of active members and lakhs of supporters across the country contributing to nation building by empowering the poor, deprived and promoting services like health awareness and education. The memorandum requested the Ministry of Home Affairs “to look into such matters and direct the investigation and intelligence agencies to act objectively and ensure that justice is done”.

Former Bombay High Court Judge Justice B.G. Kolse Patil, who could not make to the event, sent his recorded statement, which was played during the conference. Justice Patil, through his message, extended support to the objective of the conference and called for unity of all sections against the fascist RSS. Jagtial MLA T. Jeevan Reddy also supported Popular Front and promised to extend his support in future as. He said, “Popular Front is an organization working for democracy and no one can think of a putting a ban on a democratic organization like Popular Front”. National Women’s Front state president Tahirunnisa, said in her address, our mothers and sisters need to educate their children, so that they can protect our country by becoming a part of a social organization like Popular Front of India.

The conference was also addressed by Hyderabad High Court Adv. V. Raghunath, Popular Front Deccan Zone President Afsar Pasha, renowned scholar from Hyderabad Sayed Ahmed Wamiz Nadvi, Sayed Sirajuddin Mansoor, RKP leader M. Raj Kumar, KNSP president Kaiti Shankar Prasad, Mohammad Sharfuddin, president, Mohammad Moinudddin, Khalid Saifullah, AIMIM Jagtial president Mohammad Ameenuddin, Fr. Paster Lazares, Jama Masjid Khateeb Moulana Mushtaq Ahmad, All India Imams Council scholar Moulana Rafiq Ahmad and others.

The conference was concluded with vote of thanks by PFI state treasurer Shaikh Sajid.