Why Popular Front

Countering Smear Campaign against Popular Front

Our call for the total empowerment of the Muslims and depressed classes turned out to be sore in the eyes of those who have monopolised power. They weave lies about Popular Front. Sangh Parivar with their agents inside the administration and police join hands with a section of media to unleash well-planned propaganda against the Front. It is part of the game, and the purpose is to tarnish this people’s movement. But the truth always prevails. Popular Front has never been found responsible, at any stage of the enquiries, for any acts that were carried out to destabilize the country. Nobody in the past could book a case against Popular Front for inciting communal feelings.

No Popular Front activist is there among the accused, jailed or booked for mass murder or genocide or any anti-national and terrorist activity while many Sanghi people were involved in such heinous acts.

Government interest need not be national interest always. Criticising the policies of the government is not an anti-national activity. The attempts to frame groups that struggle for the empowerment of the backward classes and minorities are not born out of patriotism. The terrorist-militant label is one of the easiest and convenient tools used to suppress the legitimate struggle for equality and justice. The label of terrorism selectively imposed on the Popular Front is part of this game. This is being done to keep people away from organizations working for people’s rights.