Popular Front cautions against the moves to build Ram Temple at the site of Babri Masjid

New Delhi: Popular Front of India National Secretariat meeting held at Calicut cautioned against the renewed preparations by communal outfits to build a Ram Temple at the site where Babri Masjid was demolished.
It was reported that two trucks of stones have arrived in the city for construction of Ram temple. Groups like RSS and VHP are once again instigating Ayodhya issue despite the court order to maintain status quo in the site. They are trying to polarise communities and create tensions throughout the state. This breach of law should be dealt accordingly.
The meeting also expressed concern recent that SC ruling which allowed repairing and enhancement of facilities to the makeshift temple might be misused by the communal forces to justify their claims on Babri Masjid.
These communal forces shamed the nation once when they demolished centuries old Babri Masjid after years of planning and preparation. Thousands of innocents lost their lives in subsequent riots in various parts of the country.
Popular Front asked the UP governments to foil any such attempts of communal forces and to ensure the security of the site until justice is done to Babri Masjid. Chairman KM Shareef, General Secretary Muhammedali Jinnah, Abdul Wahid Sait, EM Abdul Rahiman and Muhammed Rosha attended the meeting

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