Don’t be Afraid, Withstand and Fight with Brave Heart, You will Get Justice: Family Members of Latehar Deceased Appealed All Victims of Mob Lynching

The family members of the deceased Mazloom Ansari and Imtiyaz Khan of Latehar expressed their gratitude to the judiciary for awarding life imprisonment to all 8 accused in mob lynching case, here on Wednesday in the press conference held at the Press Club of India, New Delhi.

They said on the occasion that in March 2016 two of our family members were brutally lynched and hung on a tree by some Goarakshaks in the name of cow protection in Latehar district of Jharkhand.

“The court punished all the accused to life imprisonment and thus we were able to get justice in our case. Our faith on the Indian judiciary had increased by this judgment”. They also thanked the media for this victory, which did not let this case to die. They thanked Popular Front of India as well for giving legal support from the beginning in this legal fight. They said, “Through this press conference, we just want that such kind of brutalities not to be happened ever again with others and the government should be vigil and be keen for protecting its citizens”.

Saira Bibi, wife of Mazloom Ansari and his brother Afzal Ansari told that they had faced many problems after the incident. Mazloom Ansari was the only source of income in the family and the family has been broken after his death. He has left five children behind him. He was not only supporting his family, but also cared his in-laws. Saira Bibi told that she was the only child for her parents. She has no brother. So, her husband also took care of her elderly parents after the marriage. Now, there is none to support to my parents and children after him. “I have no job and my family is facing somany problems. I have no home and I am living with my parents at their home as a burden to them”, she told.

Azad Khan, the father of Imtiyaz Khan and his mother Najma Bibi told that their son was only 13 years old when he was lynched. He was studying in 6thstandard at that time and also helped his father in his work. The father has to close his work because of the fear from the killers. Now the family is facing very bad financial condition. Imtiyaz’s younger brother has left the school and says he was facing threatening from those who killed Imthiyaz and they may kill him also. Imtiyaz was very loving to his whole family. The father Azad Khan said that he has a small piece of agricultural field and nothing else for their livelihood. “I have two daughters to get married, but don’t have money for the arrangements of their marriage.

Both of the families demanded the Jharkhand High Court not to give bail to the culprits, which was not happened in Alimuddin Ansari of Ramgarh lynching case. “If they get bail from the court, then our lives will be in danger” they told.

“We also appeal to all the families of the victims who lost their near and dear in the mob lynching incidents in the name of so-called cow protection that don’t be afraid, withstand and fight with brave heart by all legal and democratic means as we did, you will get justice”.

The Latehar victims told that they didn’t any adequate compensation from the state government. “Latehar SP and collector offered us a cheque for one lakh rupees, but we refused to receive it as it was very less than we deserved. So, we appeal the government to give us adequate compensation and government employment” they requested.

While addressing the press conference, advocate Saifan Shaikh said, “Popular Front of India has filed two writ petitions before the Jharkhand High Court for an adequate compensation on behalf of Saira Bibi, the widow of Mazloom Ansari and Azad Khan, the father of Imtiyaz Khan. The court directed the Jharkhand State Legal Service Authority (JHALSA) to inquire and give the proposal to the high court for the quantum of amount. But, the JHSLSA did not take any action in this case without any reasonable cause. Now, we are preparing to file a petition for contempt of the court. The court suggested us to file a separate petition for the government job. If the culprits appeal to the High Court against the sentence, we will object it in the high court”.

Md Hanjala Shaikh, Jharkhand state president of Popular Front of India saidduring press conference, “We were the first organisation conducted a mass protest against this brutality, immediately on the next day at Pakur and visited the family on the very third day of the incident in 2016 and offered them legal support. We kept our eye on every proceeding of the case from the very beginning. We were also giving confidence to the families by frequently visiting them even though we were around 600 kms away from them. The organisation will always stand with them in the fight for justice in future whenever it is needed”.

The press conference was attended by, *Saira Bibi* (Wife of Mazloom Ansari), *Afzal Ansari* (Brother of Mazloom Ansari), *Azad Khan* (Father of Imtiyaz Khan), *Najma Bibi* (Mother of Imtiyaz Khan), *Md Hanjala Shaikh* (Jharkhand State President, Popular Front of India) and *Saifan Shaikh* (Advocate, Pune, Maharashtra)