Popular Front demands immediate withdrawal of CAA; Condemns brutal suppression of democratic rights in BJP ruled states Targeting the Popular Front would be fought back legally and democratically

Popular Front of India National Executive Council meeting in a resolution has demanded withdrawal of the discriminatory Citizenship Amendment Act and ongoing oppression of democratic agitations against CAA in BJP ruled state.

The massive popular agitations erupted across the country following the passage of CAA has proved that majority of the people, regardless of all their differences, has rejected the idea of citizenship based on religion put forward by the Central Govt. Millions of people who marched against the law in the cities and villages proclaimed that they are not ready to accept the attempt to divide the country once again on religious lines. The fact that the government has been forced to publicly abandon the idea of nationwide NRC and deny the existence of detention camps are major blow to the arrogance of Modi and Amit Sha and a great victory to the people. It is also highly hopeful that 11 state governments have refused to implement NRC.

The meeting condemned the inhuman way the democratic protests were suppressed by the police in BJP ruled states. Despite the massive size of the demonstrations, people were peaceful and never resorted to violence anywhere. However, police in BJP ruled states are treating them in a manner reminiscent of military ruled autocratic governments. Police violence at AMU was more harrowing than that happened in Jamia Millia. A fact finding team who visited Lucknow and surroundings reports that nearly 27 have died in Uttar Pradesh alone and 800 people have been injured in the violence unleashed by the police upon innocent people both in the cities and villages. Videos and other evidences surfaced from the state show that police were at the forefront of the vandalism and they used indiscriminate violence against the protesters. Reports are coming out that leaders of various organizations and human rights activists arrested on false charges are being subjected to brutal torture under police custody.

The NEC also pointed out that there is a clear conspiracy against the Popular Front of India by the BJP government in Uttar Pradesh. State ad-hoc committee convener Wasim Ahmed and members Qari Ashfaq and Mohammed Nadeem who were arrested earlier from Lucknow are now alleged with serious charges and being depicted before media as masterminds behind the violence. Two of them were seen brought before the media by police after covering the face to add a terror tag to the whole episode. These arrests are part of a vicious conspiracy to tarnish and suppress the ongoing mass agitations portraying them as some sort of extremist acts. People joined hands regardless of all their differences and came out in large numbers across the country against the discriminatory and divisive CAA and the plan for nationwide NRC. And now in order to divert public attention the governments are fixing innocents. NEC makes it clear that any such attempts will be fought through democratic and legal means. The meeting also decided to support the victims of the violence unleashed by UP police and Sangh Parivar.

The meeting also cautioned that the move for National Population Register approved by the parliament is just a backdoor effort for implementing nationwide NRC and appealed people of the country and state governments to reject the process.

Vice Chairman OMA Salam presided over the meeting which was also attended by General Secretary M Muhammed Ali Jinnah, Secretaries Abdul Wahid Sait and Anis Ahmed, National Executive Council Members E M Abdul Rahiman, Prof. P. Koya, Adv. A Yusuf, AS Ismayil, Muhammed Ismayil, KM Shareef, Ya Moideen, etc.