Popular Front supports Indian stance against the American treatment of the Indian diplomat

Calicut: Popular Front of India extended support to the government in its principled stand on the indecent treatment of the Indian diplomat and asked the authorities to make sure that the issue is not buried under the diplomatic pressure of America and the expatriate Indians who often work hand in glove with US imperialism.
In a resolution the National Executive Council of the organisation observed that the treatment meted out to Devyani Khobragade points towards of the way that any average man or women from third world counties is treated by American officials. This is one of the worst examples of double standards prevalent in US system. While arresting Ms Khobragade in broad day light and parading her in handcuffs and later strip searching her clearly violated Geneva Conventions and needs strong reaction from the government.
The resolution also pointed out that when such incidents took place in the past the higher up in Delhi  were trying to hush up the incidents. The NEC welcomed the steps taken by the Indian Government to protect its citizens. 
In a separate resolution the NEC condemned the defence ministry moves to sign the Barak missile deal with Israel. It is quite unfortunate that Defence Acquisitions Council (DAC) headed by A K Antony has given green signal for purchase of Barak missile deal which costs the exchequer about Rs 900 crores.
The NEC has observed that  the  Zionist entity is known to have passed useless weapons to the countries like India at above market prices and is also known to have involved  in  terrorist activities
in place where it agents work closely with security establishments. The council asked the government not to go ahead with project.
The meeting was chaired by K M Shareef, the Chairman. O M A Salam, General Secretary, Abdul Wahid Sait,E M Abdul Rahman, Samad Valanchery,Muhammad Roshan spoke.   

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