Popular Front condemns arrest and raids in Assam

New Delhi: Popular Front of India Central Secretariat has strongly condemned the illegal custody of its Assam state president Aminul Haq by alleging involvement in violence related to people’s agitation against Citizenship Amendment Act. Aminul Haq was taken to custody yesterday and he has not been released. Assam police has also conducted illegal raids in Popular Front state office and residence of some state leaders.

These repressive actions of police are totally biased as the fact is that no Popular Front leader or member had indulged in any violent activity. The police actions started after the statement of a state minister that alleged Popular Front among those who are behind a particular incident without showing any evidence. The Central Secretariat of Popular Front has termed the allegation baseless and ill-motivated. The Central Secretariat demanded immediate release of Aminul Haq.

The BJP agenda behind isolating and targetting Popular Front is to turn the ongoing ethnic agitation of Assamese people as anti-Muslim, in an attempt to ultimately break and defeat the present agitation. The Central Secretariat has appealed to all, especially people of Assam to be cautious about the divisive politics of BJP government and raise voice against the injustices being done to Popular Front in Assam.