Popular Front condemns genocide of Syrian people; expresses solidarity with popular revolution

New Delhi: Popular Front of India Chairman KM Shareef in his statement today condemned the genocidal attack unleashed on the defenseless people of Aleppo by the armed forces of the dictator Basharul Assad with the support of Iran, Russia and Shia militias. What is happening in Syria is a genocidal attack on the people because they have stood up against decades-long brutal dictatorship for their democratic rights. Thousands of people including women and children are stuck in the city. There are reports of rape and children being burned alive. The civilians are rounded and shot dead; barrel bombs are used to destroy dwellings; Russian air force is pummeling the city using missiles and rockets. Illegal weapons were used on the civilians. The neighboring countries and neo-colonial powers are either passive onlookers or busily engaged carving out their areas of influence.

Popular Front called upon UN and other international organizations to intervene to avoid this humanitarian catastrophe of our time hold the Basharul Assad and allies accountable for the war crimes they committed against Syrian people.

Mohammed Arif Ahmed
Director of Media and Public relation
Head Quarter
Popular Front of India

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