State General Assembly demands the arrest of Sadhvi Niranjan Jyothi

The State General Assembly of the Tamil Nadu unit of Popular Front of India was held at Theni on December 7. State President A.S. Ismail presided over the assembly. State General Secretary A. Khaled Mohamed welcomed the members. All the members of the State General Assembly attended the gathering and the following resolutions were passed.

1. It has been the habit of BJP ministers to spill communal venom and to degenerate the unity and sovereignty of the nation. Minister Sadhvi Niranjan Jyothi at a election meeting in Delhi has said that those who do not accept Ram are born in prostitute houses. This is against the secular ethics and the freedom of religion enshrined by the constitution. The speech by the BJP minister has once again shown the true fascist face of the BJP. This General Assembly demands that the Minister be arrested and put behind the bars for her controversial remarks.

2. The private owned DCW chemicals is functioning at Arumuganeri, Tuticorin District. The wastes that are spilled from this factory is affecting the environment. The functioning of this factory is threatening the lives of the people living in the area. The villages around this factory, particularly the people of Kayalpattinam are affected by cancer and around 130 people have lost their lives, so far. The General Assembly condemns the permission given to this industry and demands the State and Central Governments to close this factory.

3. Twenty Two years have passed since the demolition of Babri Masjid and the treachery of the judiciary and political parties still prevails. Liberhan Commission has submitted the report in 2010 but no action has been taken against those named by the commission. The Masjid demolition is a national issue. This is a threat posed by the communal forces against the fundamentals of the constitution. Hence, this General Assembly request all secular forces to come together and put a full stop to this threat.

4. December 10this is observed as National Human Rights Day. Recently, human rights are violated by the police in the State. An innocent Syed Mohamed of SP pattinam was tortured and killed by SI Kaalidoss in the station. This General Assembly vehemently condemns the act of SI Kaalidoss. The case is transferred to CBCID. We expect the probe will travel in the right path and the culprits will be punished. The State Government should act with an iron hand against such erring police officers.

5. Popular Front of India is a national movement that strives for the welfare of the marginalized, depressed and minority people under the slogan Freedom, Justice and Security. It’s the need of the hour to take this movement to all parts of the nation. It has been decided to take the movement to the nook and corner of the State in the coming days.

6. The Central Government has announced the withdrawal of subsidy given to kerosene to the State Governments. Its highly condemnable that the Central Government which gives a red carpet welcome to the corporate and big business houses has taken a decision that affects the life of crores of poor people. The General Assembly demands the Central Government to take back its announcement.

7. Popular Front of India is continuously working for the release of life convicts along with human rights organizations and social activists. Its heartening that the State Government is not ready to show sympathy in this issue. The life convicts were released during the previous ADMK regime. This General Assembly request the State Government to release all life convicts, including Muslims, who are behind the bars for more than ten years.

A. Khaled Mohamed

State General Secretary

Popular Front of India

Tamil Nadu

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