Babri Masjid is truth, cannot be destroyed by lies: Muhammed Ali Jinnah

Addressing the huge protest gathering organized jointly by various minority, left and Dalit organizations at Jantar Mandar, Popular Front General Secretary remarked that the truth that is Babri Masjid cannot be destroyed by lies and promised that the Masjid will be rebuilt at the same site where it was destroyed.
“It was this day 24 years ago that Babri Masjid, 4 centuries old national monument, a historic Muslim place of worship, was demolished while, police, military, central government, state government, all the machineries of Indian democracy stood watching. It was not simply a mosque that was brought down on the day but the very foundational ideals of the nation itself. The young generation might be wondering how it was made possible for the perpetrators to destroy such mosque that is stood in plain ground. Behind it is the consipiracy of the British and the Hindutwa fascist forces. The British wanted this country to be always under their rule. The fascist forces wanted to keep all Hindus their slaves forever and the political power to be in their hands forever.
We Hindus and Muslims are the majority of this country. We have to identify the agenda of the fascists. It is sad that 24 years after the demolition of Babri Masjid, it has now been reduced as an issue of Muslims or some Human Rights organizations. The responsibility of this situation lies on the mainstream secular parties. They did nothing to stop the criminals from destroying. Nor did they do anything to bring justice after the destruction. Because of their inaction, fascists are now destroying the democracy itself. At least now you have to come forward and fight for justice. People of this country must tell the story of Babri Masjid to the young generation. Mother must tell the story to their children. The day when majority of Indians, Hindus and Muslims, keep fascist forces away, that is the day Babri Masjid is going to be rebuilt and that day is not far Insha Allah.
I would like to tell this with full conviction that Babri Masjid will be rebuilt on the same site, there is no doubt about this. Because if 4 centuries old Masjid can be destroyed with a lie, what we have is truth, why can’t we rebuild when we have truth in our hands. Rebuild we will Insha Allah.
It was a promise made by the government to the nation that Babri Masjid will be rebuilt on the same site; I demand the government to fulfil the promise and punish the culprits behind the demolition.” Said Mr Jinnah
Hundreds of people from twenty six different organizations including Lokraj Sanghatan, Popular Front of India, Social Democratic Party, Communist Gadar Party, Jamat-e-Islami, Welfare Party, Sikh Youth Forum, Campus Front, Fraternity Movement, etc participated in the protest.

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