Anniversary Day of Babri Masjid demolition: Keep memories alive and fight together for justice

Popular Front of India National General Secretary M Muhammed Ali Jinna, in a statement issued on the eve of the anniversary day of Babri Masjid demolition, has asked all people of conscience and collectives to keep memories of Babri Masjid alive on this occasion. He also urged all Muslim litigants, leaders and groups involved in Babri case to move the review petitions on Supreme Court verdict jointly under All India Muslim Personal Law Board.

27 years have crossed since the demolition of Babri Masjid on 6 December 1992. The verdict of the Supreme Court pronounced on 9th November makes this year’s commemoration all the more crucial. The court, despite its findings that no temple was destroyed for building the Masjid and the acts of placing of idol in 1949 and the destruction of the Masjid on 6 Dec 1992 were illegal, have unilaterally decided to give it to Hindus for building Ram temple. This verdict is in effect legitimising the terror attacks on Babri Masjid and it will enable such criminal groups to lay claim on worship places of one or other religious communities and forcefully capture them.

The question still remains unanswered that if the demolition was a crime, why the criminals are still roaming free. It is a matter of shame for the nation that the criminal cases against top Sangh Parivar leaders who led Masjid demolition are pending decision even after the unjust Supreme Court verdict for temple construction on the masjid site.

Memory is the first step of resistance against fascism. Popular Front expresses its solidarity with all the groups and collectives who are fighting to keep the memories of Babri Masjid alive in the minds of people through various programmes. Popular Front is organizing various activities in this regard in coming days like poster campaign, handbill distribution and house visits in different states.

While Muslims parties are going ahead with their plan of filing a review petition against the present judgment, unfortunately there are some unhealthy signs visible among them. Senior advocates like Rajiv Dhawan who stood by Muslims for justice throughout the struggle should never have been made to feel excluded. Popular Front is of the strong view that only a united effort on behalf of the victims of injustice, not fragmented efforts , will come to fruition.

Mohammed Ali Jinna has appreciated the efforts of legal team headed by Adv Rajiv Dhawan in fighting the case in the apex court. He reiterated Popular Front’s support to AIMPLB in filing the review petition on the Supreme Court verdict.