Maharashtra politics exposed BJP conspiracies to hijack democracy

New Delhi: Popular Front of India National General Secretary M Muhammed Ali Jinnah, in a press release issued today, has stated that the political developments in Maharashra post Assembly election has exposed conspiracies to hijack power by using all means at the disposal of BJP.

The dramatic incidents unfolded after breaking of BJP-Siva Sena alliance, the late night swearing in of Devendra Fadnavis as Chief Minister and subsequent resignation following the Supreme Court order for floor test clearly showed the level of depravity expressed by the RSS governor of the state, the Prime Minister’s office, the BJP Chief Amit Shah and even the President of India. In fact the Supreme Court order issued on the birth anniversary of Indian constitution thwarted their coup attempt. The order by the Supreme Court directing Fadnavis government to face a floor test has not only helped avoid another attempt to impose a government without majority, but also upheld the spirit of the constitution.

With the collapse of the government before the floor test, Prime Minister’s Office and Home Minister Amit Sha are bound to explain their involvement in the conspiracy. Governor of Maharshtra who acted as mere tool of BJP in this betrayal of democracy has no moral right continue in his position. Maharashtra is not the first case of Modi government hijacking people’s will and also it not first time the judiciary striking down their misadventures.

Mohammed Ali Jinnah, however expressed apprehensions about the nature and future of a Shiv Sena – NCP – Congress government in Maharashtra. The state has to wait and see if Shiv Sena will be secularised by Congress alliance or Congress will get more absorbed in soft Hindutva under Shiv Sena influence. He expressed the view that the final answer to the questions raised by political developments in Maharashtra is the emergence of a non-communal and equity based alliance among Dalits, Marathas and Muslims in the state.