Popular Front asks to Defeat the communal agenda of Sangh Parivar on Babri Masjid title suit issue

Thursday, September 16th, 2010
Calicut, Sep 15: The two day National Executive Council meeting of Popular Front of India held at Green Valley at Manjeri in Kerala has expressed its faith in Indian judiciary and exhorted all sections of the society and the government to accept the court verdict in Babri Masjid title suit case.
The forthcoming verdict on Babri Masjid title suit and subsequent national response to it will be a litmus test of the secular and democratic values enshrined in our constitution. It is the hope of the nation that the tragic serial of events that lead to the demolition of Babri Masjid is not repeated and the Union and U. P. State governments would curb the communal fascist forces who have taken a position that the court verdict is unacceptable.

All these years the Muslims who were barred from entering the Babri Masjid since 1948 and witnessed its demolition by RSS-BJP-Shiv Sena combine in 1992 were in patient waiting for a just verdict. The Sangh Parivar which has demolished Babri Masjid violating court orders and rule of law has now started another round of war against the state. While the nation is waiting for the judgment, VHP is going ahead with a nationwide campaign demanding the construction of the temple on the Babri Masjid site. They have taken a strange position that the issue of title suit could not be decided by the court. This amounts to ridiculing the whole judicial process in which they also took part for more than six decades. The meeting has viewed it as an attempt to put pressure on the judiciary for a verdict favourable to them, while various Muslim organizations have expressed their faith in judiciary.

The meeting reiterated that the Muslim community continue its democratic and legal struggle till the Babri Masjid is rebuilt on the same site. Popular Front of India called upon all sections of the society to jointly maintain peace and harmony and defeat the nefarious Sangh Parivar agenda to create communal tension in the country.

The NEC meeting of Popular Front expressed the view that hue and cry appeared in the parliament and outside about the recent mention of ‘Saffron terrorism’ by the Union Home Minister Mr. P. Chidambaram were totally unwarranted and without any support of facts. As the responsible minister in charge of home affairs, he has only exercised his duty to reveal to the meeting of top police officers, those terrorist outfits whom the CBI have unearthed to be behind many blasts that shook the nation in recent years. It is not surprising that the BJP has reacted sharply against the mention of their brand of terrorism. As the home minister himself later asserted, it is not an issue of naming, but the fact remains that these outfits were behind many terrorist activities. When we call it saffron terrorism, we are told that it amounts to relating a particular colour to it. We never call it Hindu terrorism because the Sangh Parivar ideology is far away from the religious belief of vast majority of Hindu brothers and sisters. At the same time it is ironical that the term Hindutva terrorism is also not being allowed. Recently in Kerala and Maharashtra criminal cases were booked for using the term ‘Hindutva’ in a campaign poster of Popular Front. This has happened in states ruled by CPM and Congress. But when it comes to cases in which Muslims are accused, all labels like Islamic, Muslim, Islamist, Jihadist etc. are being indiscriminately being used by the Sangh Parivar and a section of the media. The meeting appreciates the principled stand of the Union Home Minister and asks all concerned to be honest and straight forward in exposing Sangh Parivar alias RSS-VHP-BJP brand terrorism.

Chairman E.M. Abdul Rahiman presided. General Secretary K.M.Shareef, Vice Chairman Mohammed Ali Jinna, Treasurer Riyaz Pasha, Secretary O.M.A.Salam and other members attended the meeting.

Media Secretary

Popular Front of India

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