Witch-hunt against Mahdhani- Cruel Face of State Discrimination: Popular Front

Monday, June 21st, 2010

Kozhikkode: Continuing witch-hunt against Abdunnasir Mahdhani in the name of Bangalore serial blast investigation reveals the cruel face of state discrimination, said state council of Popular Front of India.

Mahdhani, chairman of Kerala based Peoples’ Democratic Party, is being persecuted only on the basis of alleged statement given by another accused in police custody. At the same time Hindutwa leaders like Pramod Muthalik, who offered to ‘organize’ communal violence for money, Narendra Modi, Gujarat chief minister, who misused state machinery in genocide against Muslims, Bal Thackeray, who was accused by Justice Sree Krishna Commission for spearheading violence against Muslims during Mumbai riots and Praveen Thogadia, who has been roaming around the country making venomous hate speeches are still going scot-free, alleged the statement by state council. The authorities are yet to come out with any significant legal action against them, it added.

Police tend to arrest Muslim youths and its scholars as soon as any blast or some antinational activities in the country like Malegaon, Samjhotha express, Ajmer, Mecca Masjid and Pune happens. Where as further investigations in all these cases revealed the dirty hands of Hindutwa forces behind it. But instead of going after real culprits, bringing out the real conspirators behind it and putting them behind bars to avoid the repetition of such things, police and state authorities are targeting Muslim leaders and youths, the statement said.

The state authorities and our judiciary are yet to compensate Mahdhani who was put behind bars for long nine and half years in Coimbatore blast case, and exonerated by the court. And now there are attempts to repeat the same drama of injustice. It’s not unreasonable to think that the Hindutwa forces who were in back foot after their terror links are exposed is behind the moves against Mahdhani and shift the focus towards Muslims, with the connivance of BJP government in Karnataka, it opined.

Popular front extended solidarity towards all efforts from the part of human rights, social activists and organizations to avail justice to Mahdhani. It also expected all fellow citizens who believe in fundamental human rights guaranteed by our constitution to come forward against this kind of state discrimination.

State president Nasarudheen Elamaram presided over the meeting. Prof. P Koya, P K Yahya Thangal, Shoukathali, M Abdussamad, K H Nasar, T Abdul Rahman Baqavi, Karamana Ashraf Moulavi and C P Basheer participated.

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