Popular Front welcomes NRI voting bill; Caste census

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010
Bangalore:Popular Front of India welcomes the NRI voting bill passed in the Parliament and the decision of the Central Government to include caste of the citizens in Census 2011.

The bill provides Indian citizens who stay abroad, entitlements to have their names registered in electoral rolls. Though this bill does not give the NRIs opportunity to vote while they are abroad, we hope that the statement by the Law Minister Shri. Veerappa Moily that the government would consider internet voting is fulfilled in the near future.

The decision to take caste census by UPA government is a bold initiative ever since independence. It will act as a strong date base for ensuring equity and development among all classes of India. In order to ensure the full success and utility of caste census, we request the Central Government to make it part of the complete house hold survey in 2011 and not to mingle it with the ongoing biometric operations.

K. M. Shareef

General Secretary

Popular Front of India

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