Exposing Hidutva is not against Hindus

Monday, August 23rd, 2010
Bangalore: Popular Front of India general secretary K. M. Shareef demanded withdrawal of criminal cases related pasting of Save India Day posters which was registered in Pune (Maharashtra) and some parts of Kerala. The poster released by Popular Front in connection with Save India Day (9 Aug 2010) did not create any law and order problem including communal disturbance anywhere in the country. Still some cases of police highhandedness are reported from a few places. In Pune and some places in Kerala a few activists were booked under non-bailable sec. 153 (A). In Kota (Rajasthan) Popular Front office was examined and in two places of UP the people were prevented from hoisting national flag on the Independence Day. All these incidences show that some vested interest groups are actively involved in misleading police and media about any positive step undertaken by Popular Front.
K. M. Shareef clarified that the poster alleged of disrupting communal harmony in fact exposes the Hindutva hand behind the explosions that shook the nation during past years. We have taken care not to use the term ‘Hindu terror’ as used by some reputed national news magazines while highlighting the same in their recent issues. We are of the view that while the term Hindu denotes the religion of the majority community, ‘Hindutva’ is name owned by the RSS and its affiliates to explain their political ideology of Hindu Rashtra. The term Hindutva is also being used by all secular parties to distance the communal politics of Sangh Parivar from religious belief of the Hindu majority. Our poster which is reproduced below also put the blame of engineering explosions on Hindutva forces and not on Hindus:

Save India Day
Save India Day

This is made a campaign issue by Popular Front after the CBI has pointed to it and the national media widely discussed it. It is surprising that criminal cases were booked about this poster in CPM ruled Kerala and Congress ruled Maharashtra. K. M. Shareef asked the national leadership of both these parties to make it clear whether exposing Sangh Parivar outfits amounts to provoking ordinary Hindus and disturbing communal harmony. In fact it is interest of all sections of the India society including Hindus to expose Hidutva ideology which equals communal fascism. He also urged the secular parties and the media to view all the recent issues related to Popular Front in the right and honest perspective and not to be carried away by the false propaganda of the vested interest groups.

Media Secretary

Popular Front of India


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