Popular Front Condemns the statement of Karnataka Home Minister V.S. Acharya

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010
Popular Front of India strongly condemns the irresponsible statement of Home Minister VS Acharya who said that there is link between ISI and Popular Front.

Popular Front of India has become a big obstacle to those destructive forces as are always opposed to the anti national agendas and fascist activities of communal organizations. Hence these forces are rampantly spreading rumors and false propaganda against Popular Front.

Home Minister VS Acharya’s statement is nothing but sheer vengeance demonstrated to the organization and such irresponsible statement should not be coming from somebody holding his office. Popular Front has faith in the constitution of our nation, and its secular values. The organization has always worked hard to strengthen those values and retain that spirit.

Popular Front of India once again condemns such concocted statements by all those in high offices and challenge them to prove their claims if there is any truth in their statements.

Elyas Muhammad Thumbe
President, Popular Front of India
Karnataka State

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