Police working for Hindutva Forces: A.K.Subbiah

Monday, August 16th, 2010
Popular Front of India held a Press conference at Mysore after police denied permission to celebrate Independence Day despite court approval for the same. A K Subbiah, who had to be a chief guest for the Independence Day Celebration, spoke in the press conference. He said the police dept is not independent, but is working for the Hindutva forces, like RSS, Bajranga Dal and VHP.
Press conference held in Mysore
He said “Muslims have no Independence in this Govt.” He argued that even the prisons celebrate Independence Day and why is PFI denied the constitutional right. “The Govt is run by the RSS” he lamented.

Press conference held in Mysore
He critisized that the government and its machinery have denied the fundamental right and made a mockery of freedom and constitution, adding that what Karnataka government has done for Popular Front of India is anti national.

Press conference held in Mysore
While answering to the media persons, State Vice President Abdul Wahid said that Independence Day is one of the programs which the organization conducts. The organization will continue its effort towards Empower the community and backward classes. He said the government can deny permission for our programs but cannot stop from talking to the masses and unmask the fascist face of Karnatka government.

He also added that they would challenge this act in the court of law.

Press conference held in Mysore
Freedom Fighters Vandanth Hemige and Surendar Kowlagi were also present at the press conference.

Vandanth Hemige questioned the government “Are Muslims not citizens of this country? Have they not fought for the Freedom of our country?” He also said “It is the fascist government ruling in Karnataka” and in the same breath asked “who killed father of the nation Mahathma Gandhi?”

Press conference held in Mysore
Both the freedom fighters were felicitated by State Vice President Abdul Wahid.

State general secretary Afser Pasha, district president Kaleem, Majeed Kodlipete, Usman Baig and Dr.Awaz Sharif were present at the program.

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