Popular Front plans agitation against harassing activists in Karnataka

Friday, May 21st, 2010
Popular Front of India chairman E. M. Abdul Rahiman urged the Karnataka police to put a full stop to harassing its members in the name of investigating cases in which they are not involved.

There are reasons to believe that some sections of the state police under the BJP government are misusing the powers vested with them against the religious minorities and other weaker sections. Instead of curbing the communal fascist outfits like Sri Ram Sena that pose the real threat to communal harmony and law and order in the state, they are unnecessarily targeting members of the Muslim community after every untoward incident. It is shameful that the state police have not taken any stringent action against the leaders Sri Ram Sena even after their involvement in creating violence is highlighted through visual evidences telecasted by a TV channel.

The latest addition to the serial harassment of minority community members is related to the investigation of the recent stadium bomb blast in the context of cricket match. Many activists of Popular Front including leaders are now being frequently called by the police under the cover of crime investigation. Being responsible citizens who have trust in rule of law, our activists have so far cooperated with the police. We are sure the police also is convinced that no one related to our organization has even a remote role in the incident. And we challenge the authorities to establish from their records of any involvement by Popular Front members in an incident of small or big bomb planting or blast so far. Hence what is going on now can only be viewed as a case of police excess and a further assault on personal freedom and association.

E. M. Abdul Rahiman has urged the top authorities of the state chief minister, the home department and police to urgently intervene in the matter in order to put an end to this harassment. He warned that if it is continued, Popular Front will resort to all democratic and legal means including mass mobilization throughout the state and legal steps against the responsible police personnel.

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