Ban on Freedom Parade in Kerala, A Fascist Activity: Popular Front

Sunday, August 15th, 2010
Kozhikkode: The ban on Freedom Parade, which has been organised by Popular Front of India for last six years in Kerala as part of independence celebration, is an explicit example of fascist activity from the part of state government to suppress popular movements, alleged Nasaruddeen Elamaram, state president, Popular Front of India. He was speaking in a press conference organised to announce the state secretariat’s decision not go ahead with the parade defying ban orders.
Freedom Parade have succeeded in the past in bringing the marginalised people into the national mainstream and making the independence celebration, which is used to be mere a government programme, a popular one. And people from all sections of the society without any barriers of colour and creed used to participate in the parade. The state authority is seemed to be worried over the public support the Freedom Parade is getting year by year, said the leaders.
The state government has imposed the ban on the Parade in each and every district of Kerala citing the law and order problem. But it is noted that during past years there was not a single instance of trouble and law and order problems during the Parade. Till now it is only the Hindutwa people who have come out against the Parade in the country. Through the ban CPM has yielded to the Hindutwa organisations’ demand. And it should be added that it was the same left government who has given instruction to the state police to arrest Popular Front activists for putting up posters exposing Hindutwa terrorism in the country recently, they said.
If the law and order situation in the country is so vulnerable and fragile that it will be disturbed by an independence celebration, it is better for the home minister to quit from his post. Popular Front leaders expected the people to come forward against this Police Raj pursued by the state government.
We will fight to the last to uphold our right to celebrate the nation’s independence for which our forefathers had sacrificed their lives, the leaders said.

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