Popular Front of India Freedom Parade in Mettupalayam, Tamilnadu

People poured into Popular Front Freedom Parade function to celeberate Independence Day
Saturday, August 14th, 2010
Freedom Parade 2010:OMA Salam Adressing the gathering
Freedom Parade 2010:OMA Salam Adressing the gathering

Mettuppalayam : Popular Front of India conducted the Freedom Parade and a Grand public meeting on the eve of Independence Day celebration on 15th August 2010 at Mettuppalayam. In the late noon of Independence Day exactly at 3:00 pm the parade consisting of 1000 cadres started their march past in Marhoom Meeran Ground of Mettuppalayam. With the orchestra of Band Troop the parade cadres briskly started their quick march on the parade route.
The Parade Salute was accepted by Mr.Mohamed Ali Jinnah, State President Popular Front of India,Tamilnadu. The Flag March was held at 3:55 pm by the parade officers. The Freedom Parade ended with the Band Demonstration of Band Troop, which allowed the Grand public meeting to kick start with the unity song at 4:00 pm. The welcome address was given by Mr. A.S. Ismail, State Vice President. Following the address, the Independence Day Oath was pronounced by State President M.Mohamed Ali Jinnah and the pubic follwed him. The Keynote Address was given by O.M.A Salam, National Secretary, Popular Front. In his Speech he said, “This Independence Day is the right time to renew our determination to protect the freedom of our beloved country. Once we all Indians united and fought against British colonial Forces. Then we achieved the Freedom. But now the Independence of India is under threat. Externally, US led colonial forces are trying to enslave India and their Indian counter parts are doing the ground works for the same. Internally, the Hindutuva fascist forces are trying to destroy the unity and integrity of the country. Muslims and Dalits in the country are under fear and identity crisis. Freedom Parade 2010: Mettuppalayam
Freedom Parade 2010: Mettuppalayam

The authorities are purposefully suppressing them and keeping away from all walls of political power.Hence any attempts of empowerment among Muslims seems annoying to government. That is why some vested interested sections are trying to disturb, even Independence Day celebration of Popular front. But, we are determined to uplift the community to the mainstream of Indian Political.” Then the State General Secretary of Popular Front A.Ahmed Fakrudeen addressed that, “Our forefather’s fought against colonial forces when our India was under British occupation. They were portrayed as terrorists by the oppressive British forces. Today after Independence Gross aggression, injustice, corruption are happening in the name of Sovereignty, security, administration and duty in India. Terror activities are conducted by the Fascists. indian state machinery including Military facilities were exploited for their ideology. There is not a single muslim in the list of Traitors who sold the secrets of our country.He enlisted upto Mathuri Gupta. Those who point out this unlawfulness & awakening the people are now portrayed as terrorists. sang parivar calling us a terrorist is not new.It is shame on us if they called us their friend. Fortunately Popular front of India is in the forefront in their fight for justice and we are proud for that. The mastermind behind these terror events are none but the fascists. So Popular front organized a campaign entitled “SAVE INDIA DAY” on August 9.Using the slogan “Fight Fascism ,Defeat Terrorism” Popular Front un masks Hindutuva who engineered bomb blasts nation wide. In all these bomb blast cases while the real culprits remain Scott free whereas the Popular Front cadres whom are campaigning against this terrorism were booked under section 153A. Here the question arises that “who is disrupting our nation’s public peace and security?” He asked.Following him the Guest speech was given by Mr. C.R Baskaran, Program anchor “Neethiyin Kural” of WIN TV. After that Mr.Salam, Popular Front National Secetary, and state President Mr.Mohamed ali jinnah, Felicitated the Freedom Fighters Mr. Mariappa Thevar, Mr. Thasthakeer and Mr. Arumugam pillai. The Popular Front State President Mohamed Ali Jinnah and State Gen.Sec Fakrudeen honored the chief Guests Mr. C.R.Baskaran and National Confederation of Human Rights organization (NCHRO) President Mr.Bavani Pa. Mohan with Memento respectively. Following the chief gust Mr. C.R. Baskar gave keynote address. The vote of thanks was given by Mr. A.S.Shafeeq Ahmed,President Kovai North District, Popular Front around 5:45 pm and the public meeting came to an end with the National Anthem. Following that the Ifthar program was held for the participants.

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