Irresponsible statement by Hyderabad DGP

Thursday, August 12th, 2010
Hyderabad: Reference to the statement of Hyderabad DGP RR Grish kumar some news papers of the sate have published today that Popular Front engaged in anti Hindu activities.

The statement of the DGP, a senior police officer & well known personality, is very shocking to us. We feel it is irresponsible statement by a government officer.

Popular Front of India had observed 9 August 2010 as “Save India Day” to expose Fascist terrorism, which has been proved in the recent days, with slogan of “FIGHT FASCISIM, DEFEAT TERRORISM”.

In the wake of Bonal procession which had to be held in the city on the same day at After noon 3pm, the Popular Front had preponed demonstration in front of ‘Makkah Masjid’, it was subjected to fascist terrorism in 2007, to morning 9am and ended at 9.30am. Later demonstrators moved to District Commissioner’s office to submit a Memorandum.

In the presence of Circle Inspector Mr.J Venkat Reddy and ACP Mr.Ram Mohan Rao, a peaceful protest was conducted and there were no any hate slogans or no pamphlets were distributed.

A very good Example came in notice that; a Hindu guy had joined the protest after reading the placard “HINDUS ARE OUR BROTHER, HINDUTVA VADIS ARE TERRORS”.

Popular Front of India has been struggling for empowerment of Muslims, Daliths and other backward communities of the country for past several years. It has not involved in any anti national or anti Hindu activity and would keep its clear image for the future.

Grish kumar had given a wrong statement and we strongly condemn it. We demand that he should apologize and we ask his clarification about pamphlets which he says, was distributed in the protest site.

Media Secretary

Popular Front of India


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