Popular Front demands the arrest of RSS activist for his communal speech

RSS activist Sadagopan has referred Babri Masjid as a national shame and has accepted that they demolished the masjid, at a program in a private channel. Popular Front vehemently condemns this speech. Moreover the speech has proved that the Masjid demolition is not a spontaneous action, but a well planned one.

The seeds of communal venom were sown in the minds of the people who lived with fraternity and the Babri Masjid was demolished on December 6, 1992. The demolition stands as a challenge to the religious rights and security of the minorities, secularism and mutual justice, which stand as the fundamentals of the constitution. The Masjid was demolished by the communal mob, even after an undertaking for its protection was given by the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. The Liberhan Commission which was formed to name the real culprits had mentioned the name of 68 culprits, after 17 years of its investigation. Popular Front demands the State Government to arrest Sadagopan, who challenges the nation by accepting the crime of demolition.

Popular Front also demands the Central Government to bring to justice all those who are named by the Liberhan Commission. Moreover the demolition of the Masjid is not the problem of the Muslims, but a challenge posed to the democratic and secular fabric of the nation. Popular Front also reminds that it’s the duty of the peace loving citizens to raise their voices against the communal forces.

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