Protest against the proposed third and fourth plants at Koodankulam

The first nuclear plant at Koodankulam is full of controversies. The reported continuous faults in the plant have created great concern among the public. At this stage, the Government has made a proposal to set up the third and fourth plants at the site. A protest demonstration was held at Madurai on October 25 demanding the cancellation of the proposed plan. The protestors also demanded the withdrawal of cases that were foisted against the Koodankulam protestors. The protest demonstration was organized by Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI).

A.S. Ismail (State President, Popular Front of India), KKSM Dehlan Baqavi (State President, SDPI), Sp. Udayakumar (Co-Ordinater, People’s Movement Against Nuclear Enerygy), Me.Tha.Pandian (General Secretary, CPM(L) participated in the protest.

More than 500 people participated in the protest and voiced their concern against the nuclear plant.

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