Popular Front to form paralegal team for helping people excluded from NRC

Assam state committee of Popular Front of India has decided to form district level paralegal teams for helping the poor people in each district who have been excluded from final list of NRC in their struggle to get their citizenship re-established. For training the team members, the organization held a one-day paralegal workshop in Guwahati. The paralegal team of Popular Front will provide assistance to the lawyers to file NRC Appeal before the Foreigners Tribunals (FT). Dozens of cadres attended the workshop, which was inaugurated by Aminul Haq, Assam state president of the organization.
Abdur Rahman Shikdar, Senior Lawyer of Guwahati High Court, Abdul Baten Khandakar, Working President, Brahmaputra Valley Civil Society, Assam, and Matiur Rahman General Secretary, Justice Forum, Assam, were among the prominent personalities who delivered lectures and led different sessions. Rafiqul Islam General Secretary of Popular Front Assam proposed vote of thanks.