Popular Front calls upon people to oppose NRC outside Assam

In the wake of voices being echoed in the country about an imminent implementation of National Register of Citizens (NRC), Popular Front of India has called upon all sections of people to Oppose NRC outside Assam. The National Executive Council meeting of the organisation held at Calicut in Kerala for three days to deliberate on current national situation was concluded by adopting few more resolutions. The meeting expressed deep concern over the growing intimidation attempts and assaults on litigants and lawyers appearing for Babri Masjid in the Supreme Court. Another resolution criticized the criminal negligence on the part of police and prosecution that has helped criminals to escape from punishment in some gruesome mob lynching incidents that shocked the country.
Not only fanatic Sangh Parivar leaders who are motivated by their hatred for religious, linguistic and ethnic minorities, but also some leaders who speak on behalf of Muslim community which is the primary target of nationwide NRC, has come forward to welcome the move for the nationwide implementation of the process. Even before any such official notification in this regard, some groups are planning NRC help desks as if to keep citizens ready to face an imminent citizenship test. While the minorities have to struggle hard in order to overcome the insecurity surrounding them, these hues and cries about another imminent threat throughout the country has created a new wave of NRC FEAR.
For the Bengali speaking minorities in Assam, NRC has been four decades of havoc that drained them of not only their resources but every moment of peace and happiness in their lives. Moreover, at least few lakhs of people who will be finally kept out of NRC have to face detention centres that are under construction in various parts of the state. Those leaders who utter short sighted words about a nationwide NRC, knowingly or unknowingly, are paving way for creation of years’ long panic ending up in such concentration camps in entire country. NRC is shame on a nation that claims to be secular and democratic. Enough is enough. Let NRC be put to end in Assam itself. The meeting asked people and parties to resist tooth and nail all and any discourse of expanding NRC outside the state of Assam.
Economic slowdown is creation of BJP government
The National Executive Council meeting of the Popular Front of India, in another resolution, questioned government steps in addressing the disastrous economic slowdown. Finally the government has come to accept that Indian economy is having an unprecedented crisis. However official responses show that the government is either unwilling to accept or still in the dark as to how we have come to this situation and how to overcome it. The downward-spiral in macroeconomic indicators is not merely because millenials stopped buying cars. It is an indication of more severe depression that has been happening in the unorganized sector and agriculture which has broken the backbone of rural economy of the country. The NEC of the Popular Front is of the opinion that recent steps announced by Union Finance Minister will not repair the heavy damage caused to the economy by the shock and awe techniques used by Modi Government during 2014-19, like demonetization and the convoluted GST. These cosmetic steps will not restore confidence in the ability of Indian economy to come out of the black hole of zero growth created by Modi regime.
On the other hand the Government is still going behind absurdities like cow-dung cow-urine economy. BJP led central and state governments plan to spend crores of rupees to finance the cow protection schemes and pay the so called Gorakshaks whose life mission is creating terror in the name of cattle.
Condemns intimidation attempts on Babri litigants and lawyers
The NEC of Popular Front expressed deep concern over the growing intimidation attempts and assaults on those fighting for Babri Masjid in the Supreme Court. Mr. Rajeev Dhavan, senior Supreme Court advocate, received several threats from communal forces for representing Muslim parties in Babri Masjid case. Dhavan had filed contempt petition against two persons for threatening him for appearing for Muslim parties. His clerk was also accosted and ridiculed. Mr. Iqbal Ansari, a main litigant in the Babri Masjid dispute, was physically assaulted at his house by two people. They even threatened to kill him if he did not withdraw the case. Even Supreme Court has taken the matter seriously and issued notice to the accused. The Court has also agreed to look into the attack on Iqbal Ansari.
These people resort to their primitive methods of intimidation and physical violence, because they don’t believe in delivery of justice, and fear defeat if a true and just battle is fought in the highest court of law in the country. Popular Front reiterated its solidarity with those fighting for truth and justice in Babri Masjid case and appealed the apex court to take necessary steps to ensure the safety of all parties those have come under threat.
Criminal negligence of police and prosecution obstructs justice in mob lynching cases
The NEC of Popular Front stated that criminal negligence on the part of police and prosecution has helped the accused to escape punishment in gruesome mob lynching incidents that shocked the country.
India has seen a stark rise in the incidents of lynching of innocent people. In fact it has become such serious matter that apex court has even suggested new legislation against it. However, the way police and the prosecution dealt with the issue, as it became evident in a number of recent cases, underline a criminal negligence on the part of police and prosecution. The Jharkhand police has dropped murder charges against the 11 people accused of lynching 22-year-old Tabrez Ansari. It is the latest example how police is working hand in glove with murderers in cases of mob lynching of innocent Muslims. Serious questions have been raised against the way police treated the case. Despite the fact that Tabrez sustained serious head injury, he was taken to custody instead of providing proper treatment. The complaint was filed only after his death. Though the entire country watched the brutal beating of Tabrez Ansari and asking him to chant Jai Shri Ram, the police say that the murder charge will not hold up in court. Similar was the fate of Pehlu Khan lynching case. While acquitting six of the accused named by the victim in his dying declaration, the trial court in Alwar pointed out serious negligence on the part of Rajsthan Crime Branch which failed to produce the crucial evidence before the court, including the video of the lynching.
This constitutes a serious crisis that brings the integrity of the criminal justice system under question. The meeting appealed the higher judiciary to use their power to reform justice delivery system in the country to weed out corrupt elements got infiltrated in the system.
Chairman E Abubacker presided over the meeting, which was attended by General Secretary M Mohamed Ali Jinah, Vice Chairman O M A Salam, Secretaries Anis Ahmed, Abdul Wahid Sait and National Executive Council members E M Abdulrahiman, Prof. P. Koya, K M Shareef, Adv. A. Mohammed Yusuf, A S Ismail, Muhammed Roshan, M Abdussamad, Muhammed Ismail, Ya Moideen, Afzar Pasha, M Kaleemullah, S Ashraf Maulavi etc.