Popular Front chairman condemns assassination of Gauri Lankesh

Popular Front of India chairman E. Abubacker has strongly condemned the brutal killing of veteran Kannada Journalist and editor of Lankesh Pathrike Ms. Gauri Lankesh. It is shocking and deeply distressing that a conscientious and courageous woman journalist and social activist like Ms.Lankesh has been shot dead by the agents of communal fascism. The murderers and the master minds behind the scenes intended to silence their opponents through intimidation. But they will fail. Unlike what they hope, Ms. Lankesh’s martyrdom will only inspire more and more people into action against turning our country into a fearful dictatorship.
Ms.Lankesh will be remembered for her relentless struggle against communal fascism and uncompromising loyalty to the secular values of our country.
For her, journalism was more than a career; it was a weapon in her struggle against the rightist sectarian politics. Perhaps it is her uncompromising stand for what she believed that provoked the criminals for the gruesome murder.
Her death is a loss not only to the secular politics, but also to the cause of marginalised classes. We cherish the memory of her long and friendly relationship with Popular Front of India. She was one of the guest speakers in the ‘Empower India Conference’ held in Bangalore in 2007, the historic launching programme of Popular Front as a national movement. We express our deep condolences to her family, friends and colleagues.
In Karnataka, it is not the first incident of the kind. Almost two years ago, scholar and academic M M Kalburgi was killed in a similar manner in Karnataka’s Dharwad city, in which justice is still awaited. Delayed justice along with strong political hold both in the state politics and in the central government is giving impunity to the Hindutwa killer gangs. E Abubacker hoped that the Congress government in Karnataka would take genuine steps to free the state from these murderous gangs along with bringing to justice, all actors and conspirators of Ms. Gauri Lankesh murder.

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