SDPI – State Election Committee declared ahead of assembly poll in Maharashtra

Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI), State working committee held at Nanded on the eve of national vice president visit in the region.
In this meeting SWC members from diffrent region of Maharashtra breifs the actual situation of Maharashtra to Hafiz Manzoor Ali Khan, who is also the In-charge of Maharashtra state. During this meeting Hafiz Manzoor Ali Khan gives valuable suggestion and expressed his desire to make the party strengthen in Marathwada region as well as other region in Maharashtra. He also asked the SWC members to make every effort for organising the Dalit, Adivasi and minority community for the development of the community as well as the nation.

Mr. Irshad Bashrat had been elevated to the SWC member as part of the expansion of State working council and he will be given responsibility of media In-charge for Maharashtra state.

In the view of forth coming Assembly election in Maharashtra, SDPI formed State Election Committee under the leadership of Ilyas Patel, vice president of Maharashtra. This committee will give his suggestion and recommendation for the party candidature in the particular constituency.

During the two day visit of Hafiz Manzoor Ali Khan at Nanded in Maharashtra, Party arranged lots of program for the benefits of common member like Cadre convention, Intelectual and activist get together and press meet.

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