Muslim Rulers in India never built ‘ISLAMIC RASTRA’

Popular Front of India celebrated the 67th Independence Day, today all-over India. In Goa, the Tricolour was hoisted at the Head Office in Chandravaddo-Fatorda at 8.45 am at the hands of their President, Mr. Shaikh Abdul Rauf. On unfurling, the small school going children sang the National Anthem as the People stood-up to respect the same.

In the Stage programme that followed, the President of the State Unit of Popular Front of India welcomed the Dignitaries on and off the stage and said that ‘Are We truly free, does We have that India for which Our Freedom Fighters, Ulemas sacrificed their lives they dream’t off’. We don’t have freedom of Speech, Religion, movement as enshrined in the Constitution of India and the Youth here has to take a note as they have to play an important part in building a Strong & Vibrant India, said he.

He further said that, Popular Front of India is on a Mission of building a ‘India of Equal Rights to all’. Today, they want to build India into a Hindu Rashtra but, on what basis is a question? Since Independence, the unfurling of flag is done on Red Fort, who built it? He called upon the People present to be a part of Our Mission and help India in realizing its goal of building ‘India of Equal Rights’.

The key note speaker of the Programme and Popular Front of India-Goa’s Spokes person Mr. Muzaffar Shaikh said that, after 67 years of Independence Muslims in India are leading a life of Slave, there are thousands of Muslims languishing behind Bars for no fault of theirs who are to be freed, Today, We have to remember them and work hard to free them from Jails..

Goa’s Chief Minister, Mr. Manohar Parrikar says, in Arbastan Indians are called ‘HINDUS’, this is an utter lie as, Indians in Arabastan are called ‘HINDI’ coz of their Language. The Government speaks of making India into a Hindu Rashtra, which Popular Front of India strictly condemns as India is a home for not just Hindus but, also Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Buddhist, Jains, Zorastrians etc..He further added, India was ruled by Muslims for approx. 1000 years but, they never said or created an ‘ISLAMIC RASHTRA’. India has been a Secular Nation and will always be one, he said. Finally he concluded by saying, ‘Popular Front of India works within the framework of Indian Constitution and We will not allow any Unconstitutional work to happen’.

The Chief Guest for the Programme was Mufti Hanif Ahrar, who spoke on Muslims role in the entire Freedom Struggle of India. He said that, Muslims started the Freedom movement of India and rest of other Communities joined later. The divide and rule policy of the British created a great divide amongst Indians and it weakened the very basis of United Struggle for Independence but, some of the Great Leaders of that time unified the secular forces and resumed the Freedom Struggle and ultimately, We won our FREEDOM. He further said that, Facists forces of Today are playing the same card of ‘Divide & Rule’ but, We have to be vigilant and defeat their evil designs. He congratulated Popular Front of India for working tirelessly to build ‘India of Equal Rights’ and wished them all the best in realising this Golden Goal.

Mr. Ameen Mulla, Ponda Incharge proposed the vote of thanks and the Programme was compered by Mr. Zabir Ahmed

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