Mohan Bhagawat threatens Indian polity: Popular Front

New Delhi: Popular Front general secretary O M A Salam in his latest release condemned the recent statements made by RSS Supremo Mohan Bhagawat which called all Indians as Hindus and Hindutwa as sole the identity of all Indians. Salam said that by the statements Mohan Bhagawat has threatened Indian polity which is a unique characteristic of our great Nation.

India, exists as it is today after centuries of cultural and ideological exchanges and, has never been a Hindu nation or a homogeneous society with a single cultural or religious identity. By definition only less than 20 % people can be called Hindus. The rest, be it Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Bhudhists, or from numerous others faiths can no way identify themselves with Hinduism or Hindutwa. Imposing some identity or culture on others is pure fascism and gravest threat to our democracy which is founded on the principle of unity in diversity.

This fascist ideology of RSS and its numerous offshoots have already caused enough damage to the Indian society. We have before us the living examples from the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi to thousands communal riots against religious minorities to the demolition of historic Babri Masjid. We cannot let this happen again.

Salam also pointed out that RSS don’t represent Hindu community or faith. Majority of the community reject RSS ideology and politics. RSS leaders, by making such ridiculous statements, are doing a disservice to Hindu community.

We, Popular Front, call on democratic and secular people of this nation to wake up defend the country against the fascists’ takeover of our system.

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