Popular Front expresses concern over growing communal violence in Uttar Pradesh

Press Release
28/07/17 New Delhi: Popular Front general secretary OMA Salam condemned the recent communal incidents in various parts of Uttar Pradesh which so far claimed two lives and caused huge loss of properties.

It is noteworthy that communities are turning hostile to each other ahead of elections as happened in earlier elections. It is suspected that the hands of those communal politicians who had drawn their lessons from earlier riots and had enjoyed its fruits are playing behind this.

It is unfortunate that the oppressed and minority communities, instead of uniting and striving together for their rights, are responding to the situation exactly the same way their enemies wanted them to. He urged them to be tolerant and patient to each other.

The community leaders on either side should make sure that their members are not plying at the hands of these politicians and should stay vigilant against any such attempts. Whoever involved in this violence should not be supported by the communities and mischief makers should be isolated.

He also called on UP government that real culprits be brought to book. Popular Front, in collaboration with the leaders of affected communities, will initiate effective methods to avoid future occurrences.

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