Popular Front of India Chairman visits families of mob lynching victims

A delegation led by the Chairman of Popular Front of India, E Abubacker visited the families of the victims of mob lynching in Jharkhand. The delegation included National Secretary Abdul Wahid, Zonal President Moulana Kaleemullah and other state leaders. The delegation first met the family of Sajjad who was lynched to death in Shobapur village about 20 kms from Jamshedpur in Jharkhand. The accusation was that he was behind the kidnapping of children in the area. On being countered with no reports in any police station of kidnapping, cases quickly changed to cattle transport. He was employed in UAE and had come to India to renew his passport and return after 10 days. He is survived by his wife and two daughters, the younger of which was a month old when he was lynched. Everyone in the village were just as clueless about how and why a mob vented such ire on this youth. Janab E Abubacker, Chairman Popular Front of India told them to stay strong and continue their demand and fight for justice and not settle for any compromise of any sort till the killers are booked and punished.

The delegation later went to Haldipukaar Village about 25 kms from Jamshedpur where Sheikh Haleem once lived. He was another of the four Muslim youth lynched by a mob under the claim of being a child lifter. Was yet another return from Dubai on a holiday to go back in a week’s time before life was snuffed out of him. His father and elder brother could not contain their emotions as Haleem’s eldest daughter returns from school with a look that searches for her father only to realize that even today he has not returned. The eldest daughter and her two other siblings stand at a distance and watch the visitors with no response to any effort by the team to cheer them up. Life, in their childhood, has been devastated for them. His eldest brother conveyed his commitment to stand by us strongly in the fight for justice.

The delegation also visited Fulpaal village where they met Haji Murtaza Ali who recently lost his son Nayeem to the fury unleashed by a mob on 4 youth in a village close to his house. He is a successful cattle trader who is well respected in his village. He retired 5 years ago bequeathing his business in the hands of his son who used to buy bulls from local markets like Rourkela, Kharagpur, etc.

Chairman E Abubacker said that our aim as a community should be to obtain “Insaaf” and not “Imdaad” from the Government

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