BSP offer of support to BJP presidential candidate unfortunate

Popular Front of India Chairman E. Abubacker in a statement has expressed discontent over the stand taken by BSP leader Ms. Mayawati to support the presidential candidate proposed by BJP for 2017 presidential election. E. Abubacker termed the decision is unfortunate.
It is quite clear that NDA’s proposition of a Dalit presidential candidate is a ploy to soften the growing anger and dissatisfaction of Dalits over the casteist atrocities since the BJP government came to power. RSS intend to weaken by misuse of power, the Dalit neo-social movements that are gaining massive popular support.
While the demand for a Dalit President is legitimate, embracing individuals by simply looking at their names irrespective of their ideologies is nothing but political hypocrisy, that comes at high cost of Dalit interests. Legitimizing a Sagh Pariwar leader who has been very vocal in his hatred against Muslims and Christians simply citing that he is a Dalit is totally against the Dalit-Bahujan politics BSP proclaims to uphold. Sangh Pariwar may have plenty of such stooges at their disposal with Muslim or Dalit names to use and discard as they like. Such individuals often do more bad than good to the people of India and the community they belong. E Abubacker requested the BSP supremo to withdraw from the move to support BJP presidential candidate and protect the honesty and integrity her party.

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