Popular Front condemns the killing of farmers in Madhya Pradesh

New Delhi: Popular Front of India Chairman E Abubacker in a statement has strongly condemned the killing of six farmers who protested demanding debt relief in Mandausar in Madhya Pradesh. E Abubacker has said that the way people’s democratic protest was dealt with is inhuman and a shame on a democratic society.
By this brutal killing, the BJP government is setting new precedent to quell people’s agitations and dissent using extreme force and terror. The government in the state is acting like a brutal autocratic regime, as became evident in many recent incidents including the fake encounter killings of under trials in Bhopal Central Prison.
The incident has once again brought to light the plight of Indian farmers which needs urgent addressing. Since NDA came to power in Delhi the number of farmer suicides has doubled. The Central and state governments have turned a blind eye to the acute deprivation of farmers caused by crop failures and loan sharks as well as the neo-liberal policies of the governments. Sidelining people’s just demands for basic rights by presenting it as a national security issue must be resisted and exposed. We demand a judicial investigation into the killings and urgent measures to address the plight of the farmers in the state. We also appeal to all people in the state and outside to come out against such killings.

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