Popular Front delegation meeting with Karnataka Minister

A state delegation along with some of the innocents who benefited from the recent withdrawal of politically motivated cases (from the erstwhile BJP era) by the Karnataka Chief Minister and his cabinet, met with Shri Roshan Baig at the Honorable Minister’s Vikas Saudha chamber today, Wednesday 3rd June 2015. They thanked him and requested that their joy and elation at this bold decision providing relief to many an innocent be communicated to the Honorable CM, Honorable Home Minister, Honorable Law Minister and the other cabinet ministers who were responsible for this benevolence.

Some of the victims present expressed their pain and sufferings experienced during the painful judicial process of trying to get themselves acquitted, in spite of being innocent.

Others present on the occasion were Moulana Usman Baig, National President of All India Imams Council, Abdul Wahid Sait, Secretary, Popular Front of India, Ilyas Ahmed, Karnataka State Secretary, Popular Front of India and other community leaders.

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