Popular Front of India Manipur State organized a Free Medical camp today the 17th May 2016 at the campus of Manipur Creative School, Kwakta within Bishnupur District of Manipur. In the said camp, we got well support from the public of the village as well as school authorities. Popular Front of India has been doing free medical camp throughout the nation to promote good health. As a part of this, Popular Front of India Manipur State organized this camp under the community development program of Popular Front of India in collaboration with Manipur Creative School.

Four MBBS doctors led the Team:-
1. Dr. Kamal Mohammed
2. Dr. Safiullah
3. Dr Ziour Rahaman
4. Dr Rafique &
Four Staff Nurse from public Hospital Hatta

Villagers of the area were getting health check up and treatment. In the camp before starting health check up and treatment, a doctor spoke about different health issues and its solutions. This health awareness cum health check up and treatment camp were very beneficial to the villagers as well as school children. And villagers around 150 including school students & guardians were getting treatment & given medicines in free of cost. Besides a blood test session was also done for 150 students in the camp. Villagers seemed to be very happy getting treatment and aware of many health issues from the camp as none of the other organizations did the camp before.

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