BJP Manifesto Threatens Democracy and Secularism: Popular Front


New Delhi: Popular Front’s National chairman KM Shareef in his latest statement released today said that BJP’s manifesto threatens the principles of democracy and secularism upon which our constitution is based. He added that BJP, which lacks vision or creative steps for the future of the country and threatened by the presence of new generation political parties, is adopting communal politics again as an easy way to win elections. The inclusion of Ramjanmabhumi issue in the manifesto reaffirms that BJP did not go a single step back from its fascist agenda. Shareef reminded that the issue has already caused much damage to the secular image of our country. Communal polarisation became worst in 80s and 90s when BJP and other Hindutuva groups raised the issue and demolished the Babri Masjid. Thousands of innocents were killed in the riots that followed the demolition.

He appealed to the voters to defeat this new attempt to take the country back to those dreadful times and benefit from fear and hatred. Fascism is facing new challenges while different kinds of positive political experiments from various parts of the country are gaining momentum.

He also condemned BJP’s promise of banning cow slaughter as an irrational move which will jeopardize the freedom of large section of the population.

Shareef called the suggestions about Uniform Civil Code an example of BJP’s intolerance to minorities and an attempt to appeal to majority communalism. BJP’s promise to abrogate Article 370 from Kashmir is premature which lacks insight on one of the major issues of our country. In short BJP does not have anything to offer to the country’s minorities and marginalized sections except their fake claims about development before the upcoming elections. Shareef demanded the Election Commission to take action against the release of manifesto on polling day and hate speeches by BJP leaders.

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