Democracy and Minority Rights Confrence

We, the people of India, are citizens of a SOVEREIGN SOCIALIST SECULAR DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC which stands for justice, liberty, equality and fraternity. Our constitution ensures these freedoms as fundamental rights to all citizens and classes without any discrimination. It takes special care in the protection of interests of minorities. The following statement of Mahatma Gandhi is also worth remembering: A civilization can be judged by the way it treats its minorities.”
In the state of Jharkhand, the condition Muslim and other minority communities is pathetic and are backward in every walk of life. They are facing many a problem like education, employment, lack of representation in panchayat, assembly and parliament, police and other administrative bodies. The MSDP funds are not used properly. In the minority areas even the basic amenities like Primary health centre, roads, clean drinking water and drainage are not available. Thousand of youths are leaving their home and going to metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and other cities for earning their livelihood every year, many of them even end their life in pathetic condition in those cities. The Bengali speaking Muslims of the state living in the adjoining areas of West Bengal like Pakur and Sahibganj etc are often labeled as infiltrators (Ghuspaithi) and terrorist without any authentic reason. There is nothing for the minority community in the Budget announced by the New Govt. led BJP in Jharkhand.
A nation is called democratic not only because of regular elections and change of governments. All sections of people must get equal growth and justice. Also all castes and communities must get adequate share in government. In this sense, Indian democracy has not been fully successful. All successive governments in the centre and the state have betrayed people. Our politics and administration have become agents of Capitalism, Corruption and Communalism. The poor in villages and city slums, labourers, farmers, adivasis, dalits and religious minorities are the victims of these political games.
It is said that there is always a room for fascism in democracy. Since the formation of BJP alliance government in the centre, many rooms of fascism have been opened. Regardless of the dreams of our freedom fighters and the provisions contained in our constitution, minority rights are being questioned and threatened.
 Anti-minority hate mongers roam free under government patronage.
 Anti-Muslim riots have become more frequent due to false propagandas such as ‘Love Jihad’.
 Christian churches were attacked repeatedly even in the national capital.
 Attempts of forceful conversions across the nation in the name of ‘Gar Vapasi’ targeting minorities.
Our nation is witnessing an unprecedented increase of assaults on religious minorities under the present Central Government. The studied silence maintained by the Prime Minister and his cabinet colleagues’ amount to indirectly supporting the atrocities of Hindutva extremists.
Popular Front of India is social movement striving for the new India of equal rights to all Indians. Empowerment of the marginalised and the oppressed is its main concern. It struggles for the rights of the people through democratic means. Launched as a national organisation in 2006, it has now presence in majority of the Indian states.
Popular Front of India joins the concerns of all right thinking Indian citizens by coming forward to defend democratic values and minority rights. We think that there is an urgent need to strengthen broad based alliances among individuals and groups who are concerned with democratic, civil and minority rights. “Democracy and Minority Rights Conference” is as a humble initiative in this regard.
We request you to attend this conference and extend support to this noble cause.

Conference Convenor
Popular Front of India

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