NCHRO Maharashtra Chapter Formed

National Confederation of Human Rights Organization, popularly known as NCHRO, is an umbrella body established in 2009 to uphold, to strengthen and to protect the rights of the exploited, the suppressed, the oppressed and the marginalized section of the country like Dalits, Adivasis, Minorities, Backward classes, women and children. It is an effort to bring individuals and organization that work for human rights across the country under one roof. The confederation seeks to function as a collective body of human, democratic and civil rights.

The national body of prisons authority, which is released the data for 2014, according to this, in Maharashtra, Backward classes, Dalits and Muslims were having more shares in any field as proportionate to their population, means they are empowered in the only field in Maharashtra that is jail.

That’s the alarming situation peoples from the oppressed community were needs to focus immediately. Social workers who works for the human rights in both the community trying hard to bring together the likeminded people closer and worked for the betterment of the oppressed community.

Therefore at Pune on April 5, 2015 NCHRO Maharashtra chapter was formed in Golden jubilee hall in the presence of Mr. Reny Ayline, national secretary of NCHRO.

The names of the office bearer were as follows.
1 – Santosh Saple, President
2 – Subhash Sareen, Vice president
3 – Jyoti Jagtab, Vice president
4 – Adv. Saifan Shaikh, General secretary
5 – Umair Dafedar, Secretary
6 – Sudhir Mourice, Secretary
7 – Asif Shaikh, Treasure

The following resolutions were passed by the newly elected body of NCHRO, Maharashtra chapter.

1 – Growing Fascism throughout the country is threat to the country’s social and democratic fabrics of our beloved nation as well as to the communal harmony. Therefore need of the time is to make awareness in the community throughout the country as well as to oppose the saffronization of the democratic institutions of the country.

2 ¬– Law against Conversion (Anti conversion bill is against the constitution). The Constitution of India in Article 25 grants to its citizen freedom of religious persuasions, profess, practice and propagate in a way that does not disrupt order and does not affect the public health. Anti conversion laws are promulgated on the premise that forced or induced conversion happen and need to be prevented. Such laws were controversial as they run the risk of being abused by communal forces.

3 – Stop the custodial torture and custodial deaths.

4 – Repeal of Gau – vansh hatya laws (Beef ban laws), thumbing its nose at the ban on sale and consumption of beef imposed by the Maharashtra government. What one should eat or wear or what language should one speaks, all these were personal choices and simply cannot be imposed by the authority as guaranteed by the constitution as fundamental rights.

5 – Honour Killings and Honour crimes. Adopt a comprehensive law against the honour killings and Honour crimes. According to United Nations statistics of honour killing internationally reported 5000 cases, 1000 were comes from India every year. NGO puts the figure four times high. Hence to prevent such kind of honour crimes it is necessary to adopt a comprehensive law against Honour crimes.

6 – Repeal the land acquisition act as is against of the poor people and this act protect the benefits of corporate cultural.

7 – Protect the minorities’ rights and stop attack on the different group of minority.

8 – Repeal of draconian law like UAPA, as is anti constitutional and fundamental rights of the people.

9 – Stop atrocities on Dalit community as is increased in Maharashtra nowadays.

10 – To organize state level program on April 26, 2015 as Anti torture day.

11 – To organize awareness workshop on human rights at Mumbai, Nanded and Pune.

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