Popular Front welcomes SC notice to Advani in Babri demolition case

New Delhi: Popular Front chairman KM Shareef in a statement welcomed the Supreme Court notice served to BJP leader L K Advani and 19 others in Babri demolition case. He said that the notice strengthened the people’s faith in the Judicial System.
Babri Masjid demolition has indeed left a black mark in the secular face of our country. It was not an unexpected incident but meticulously planned and executed by Hindutwa leaders after years of campaigning. BJP leaders traveled throughout the country to amass fund and people for this purpose. Thousand of innocents were killed in the riots that followed the demolition in 1992 in Mumbai and elsewhere. Letting culprits get way with all these would ultimately undermine the meaning of justice in our country. Therefore Popular Front finds this notice a hopeful step toward justice.
Popular Front chairman also appreciated those who are in continuous legal struggle for Babri cause and offered all possible support to them

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