Popular Front condemn the mass execution order by Egyptian court

Press Release Calicut 26/03/14 : Popular Front of India National Executive Council meeting held at Calicut harshly condemned the appalling order of the Egyptian court which sentenced 529 of its citizens to death for being part of the opposition activities and called the order as an attempt to bury the remaining voices for justice and democracy in the country by the western backed army regime. The order has little to do with justice.

The current military regime is proving itself to be far more oppressive and bloodthirsty than his predecessor Hosney Mobarak .This order is also part of the ongoing carnage the anti democratic junta has been carrying out against the democratic protesters ever since the ouster of the first democratically elected arab ruler Dr Mohammed Morsey. NEC pointed out that in a country where even courts are acting just as a tool of the regime, justice is impossible. Never in recent history have we witnessed or expected such an unjust verdict that mock entire judicial process. This sad evolution of much celebrated Arab spring in one of its most fertile lands is a clear indication of the way peaceful attempts for freedom and democracy might be dealt with by these western backed thugs.

It is equally condemnable that some Islamic scholars justified this heinous order in the name of Islam. Those scholars who serve the enemies of Egypt to slaughter its own citizens are on the opposite side of the history. They should not forget that Egyptian people have overcome worse forms oppression in the past. Oppressors are bound to fail. Popular Front expresses its solidarity with Egyptians who have been defending their right for democracy and justice and appealed to the international community to rise against this army terror. NEC also demanded India government to voice against this order and to snap all diplomatic ties with the regime.

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