Popular Front leaders visit families of youth killed in police custody in Bihar. Families demands Justice, not Money

Muzaffarpur: A delegation of Popular Front of India visited the families of two Muslim youth killed in police custody, who lived in Ramdeeha village of Chakiya police station. Chairman of Almomineen Foundation Sharfuddin Qasmi, SDPI Muzaffarpur district secretary Javed Iqbal, Popular Front Muzaffarpur president Ehtisham Tabish,Popular Front Bihar General secretary Riyaz Marif, Dr Asif, Master Mumtaz, Mohammad Aziz, Mohammad Irshad and others were in the delegation.
Popular Front fact finding team in a statement issued after the visit said that the killing was pre-planned. The villagers told that 7 vehicles including 5 police vans arrived at house of Gufran s/o Munawwar Ali on 5th March night at 12:30am 8 policemen were in uniform and others were in civil dress. They all had pistols and were led by Chakiya police station in charge Sanjay Singh. They went to Gufran’s house and picked him up without any warrant. After that they reached to house of Tasleem s/o Mohd Mulazim, broke the door and entered in his house, but didn’t get him as he was sleeping in Madarsa. So they took 3 mobiles, 6 emergency lights and Rupees 12500 from the house. They also behaved badly with women in the house. Tasleem’s father who had fracture in his leg and waist, was laying on a bed. They kicked him off the bed. Also they misbehaved with the neighbours. Then they picked up Tasleem from the Madarsa without any warrant. In the morning, their family members and villagers went to the police station, but the station in charge Sanjay Singh treated them badly and said that the arrested persons were not there. At last, people reached Sadar hospital in Seetamadhi, where they were stopped by the police and said that postmortem was going on. The police went through postmortem without informing the families and took the bodies to their houses. The bodies had clear sings of brutal beating and nails were fixed under their feet. The relatives told that the victims were also given electric shocks. They made it clear that monetary compensation will not end the matter and they are ready to fight till justice is delivered. The visited delegation promise all possible support in their legal fight.