Secular parties should learn their lesson from North East election results: Popular Front

Popular Front of India Secretary Abdul Wahid Sait has stated that the bitter defeat incurred by secular parties in Tripura assembly election presents a great lesson for the secular parties in India. Administrative failure of the incumbent, disunity, ideological dogmatism and reluctance to deal with the opportunistic elements within the party folds, all contributed to the result. Unfortunately, even while secular and democratic system of the country is on the verge of being replaced with fascist authoritarianism, other than usual the rhetoric, secular parties including the Congress and Left parties have failed to unite and come up with an election strategy that can put up a serious challenge to the BJP. Unless they learn their lesson at least now, it will put their own very survival at serious risk.
The statement condemned the violence unleashed by Sangh Pariwar in Tripura against their political rivals as well as the minorities. Fascists are showing their true colour in the state as soon as they got power. At the same time, the result in the North Eastern states cannot be seen as reflection of the sentiment of entire nation.
The statement welcomed the decision of BSP and SP to join hands in the upcoming by election in Uttar Pradesh against the anti-people rule of Yogi Government. Both parties are showing the way for others to follow. As responsible political parties, they signals that, rather than coming to power, there are more important duties for secular parties to perform for the country and that they can play crucial role in preserving the constitution and saving democracy.

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