Popular Front demands action against Sangh Pariwar leaders for hate speech

Popular Front of India Chairman KM Shareef demanded action against the Union Minister Katheria and others who openly called for attacks on Muslims at a condolence meeting in Agra.  Hindutva leaders attending the meeting asked Hindus to mobilise forces and called for a final battle against Muslim community.

The statement, as they openly said in the meeting, is to create scare among Hindus and Muslims and profit from communal disturbances especially in the forthcoming assembly election in UP. It has always been the strategy of Hindutva parties to create communal polarization on the eve of elections and they usually benefit from it as happened in Muzaffarngar in 2013 where innocents were brutally massacred and tens of thousands of people still remain in refugee camps. The Chairman requested people to be vigilant against such heinous attempts of Sangh Parivar and maintain harmony. 

K M Shareef demanded that all those leaders who spoke at the meeting be removed from the official positions and be prosecuted for instigating violence against minority community.

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