Popular Front urges International community’s intervention to stop carnage in Syria

Popular Front of India General Secretary M. Muhammed Ali Jinnah has urged the United Nations and the International community to intervene and stop the harrowing carnage of children and civilians in Syria by the Basharul Assad forces backed by Iran and Russia.

What is happening in Syria right now is one of the worst humanitarian tragedies of our time while the world is watching silently. The city of Ghouta, where nearly 4,00,000 residents are trapped, is being pounded with the most sophisticated weapons supplied by Russia. Even hospitals and medical centers were not spared from the bombing. Nearly 700 civilians have been killed ruthlessly so far, of which nearly half are children. Even aid workers are labeled as terrorists and targeted. Amnesty International has stated that the attack amounted to war crimes.

Only people with conscience across the world can stop further escalation of this crisis and ensure the safety of the people besieged in Ghouta. Every individual who is opposed to the war can play his or her part by creating awareness and being part of the relief campaigns. We request the Indian government to exert its diplomatic pressure on Syria to stop the inhuman killings of the civilians. We also urge the United Nations to bring to account Russia, Iran, and Assad for the war crimes and take a lead role for finding a political solution to ensure peace, democracy and justice in the war torn country.

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