Delhi riots planned and executed by Sangh Parivar, aided by police: Popular Front

Popular Front of India General Secretary Anis Ahmed has stated that the violence taking over the national capital is not a spontaneous one but planned and executed by Sangh Parivar and aided by the police. General Secretary of Popular Front expressed deep resentment over the loss of lives and properties.

It is extremely saddening that nearly 20 people have already lost their lives, over 150 people have been injured and properties worth crores have been destroyed in the violence that broke out in North East Delhi. The violence was not sparked by any unexpected incident but was planned and executed by Sangh Parivar goons. The protests against CAA and NRC in the national capital that has been going on for the past three months were peaceful and democratic. Not a single stone was thrown against anyone, nor a word of hate or call for violence was uttered against anyone. At the same time, since the very beginning, Sangh Parivar leaders and groups have been openly calling for violence against innocent women and children taking part in the agitations at Shaheen Bagh and other parts of the city. Attempts were made multiple times to attack them while police watched as mute spectators. It was BJP leader Kapil Mishra’s instigation against nonviolent protests in Jaffrabad that triggered the planned violence. Now evidence is surfacing that men, armed with guns, swords, and iron rods are marauding, killing, maiming and looting helpless people, as police duty-bound to protect the people, are aiding and even joining the attackers. Meanwhile, the reluctance of the secular parties to speak up in the face of a genocidal attack against Muslims in the capital city is disappointing.

Popular Front urges people and voluntary groups to mobilize rescue and relief operations in the affected areas. Popular Front also appeals all political leaders and community leaders to take initiatives to deescalate the situation and prevent the violence from spreading further. We demand immediate arrest of BJP leaders Kapil Sharma and judicial inquiry into the violence by a team led by a sitting Supreme Court judge.