Popular Front calls the concerned citizens to arise for democracy

Popular Front of India, a neo social movement struggling for the Upliftment of deprived sections of the society voices the concerned people to get united to protect the democratic setup of the nation.
Popular front of India which is constituted 9 years ago on 17th Feb 2006 by the concerned members of the minority community has been observing Feb 17th as its formation day. This year on the eve of the formation day popular front is uniting the concerned citizens of the nation to protect the secular and democratic fabric of the country. Popular Front is organizing different kind of programs throughout the nation like Unity March, Rallies, Public programs, Seminars, Hall programs, etc.
As part of this call, Hyderabad unit of Popular Front of India has organized a Hall program in Urdu Ghar, Mogalpura at 6 PM. The program was inaugurated by Janab Abdul Ahad, Telengana State Present of Popular Front of India who states that “If good people remain silent, bad people will go ahead their crimes.” Over the last 60 years the world has witnessed numerous democratically elected governments being toppled by the support of multinational corporations. The current threats for our democratic and secular values are the rise of open hindutva politics and capitalist’s loyal government.
The program was précised by Mr. Mohammed Shahid Nasser sahab Ex. SEC member of Popular front of India, Karnataka. He states that “India is the world’s largest democracy and a model for all the countries who aspire to have a democratic system of governance. Modi government brought to power by corporate robbers, is selling out Indian people silencing dissent with fear and pure sectarian hatred. Democracy has always been under constant threat by the capitalists around the world.
Moulana Ahmed Vameez Nadvi sahab in his speech mentioned that our country is today in a very crucial juncture where the capitalist vultures are all set to loot our country and the major hurdle for them is democracy. This new government funded by the capitalist is proving loyalties by amending laws and bringing in ordinances to protect the interest of capitalist.
D. Prabakhar Garu state president of KNPS states Since coming to power the hindutva fanatics of the sangh parivar have unleashed a series of verbal and physical attacks on the minorities and antifascist voices. Minorities were under frequent attacks earlier also, but now under the new government the very concept of minority rights is being threatened. He states that the silence of the PM and the government can only be seen as an open endorsement of the hindutva politics. History is a witness that fascist force and the capitalists complement each other.
S. Pritam Singh Garu, President of Sikh Education society mention in his speech mentions that this is a testing time for India’s democratic setup, it is the duty of every Indian to protect democracy and stop the plans of the anti-nationals.
Md. Arif Ahmed concluded the program saying that the shocking retort given to the BJP by the people of Delhi has indeed some note of lesson and optimism. It is time all groups who love democracy should overcome their difference and unite for democracy.
The program was concluded with vote of thanks by Syed Moinuddin Sahab, State General secretary of Popular Front of India, Telengana State. The program was attended by many prominent personalities from the Human right activists’ community.


Syed Moinuddin
State General Secretary
Telengana State

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