Unite for Democracy: Popular Front

GOA: India is a Democratic and Secular Nation. Our Constitution & Legal System guarantees equal Justice to all Citizens and rejects all kinds of discrimination. Its pathetic, 70% of the People in the Country do not enjoy fruits of Development or Growth. The new Government at the centre in the name of ‘Acche Din aanewale hain’ & ‘Swaach Bharat’ is forwarding Communal agenda. Mr. Modi is seen promoting his Financial supporters & Friends by building their business empires in India and outside. We have seen and read, his draconian land acquisition act, dozen RSS pracharaks in Modi’s office, terrifying people with the news of foreign terrorists, promoting business of Adani in Australia, lifting price control of 108 life saving drugs are some of those decisions. The Minorities are not safe in India of today as one can see RSS role in all the core departments of the Government, it may be Sarawati Vandan/Surya namaskar, rewriting text books based on Hindu mythology, Love jihad, planned & targeted genocides, attacks on Christian Churches/Missionaries etc..

Popular Front of India is organizing Peace loving & Secular People of India to fight the Fascist agenda of Saffron brigade.. 17th February being the foundation day of Popular Front of India & the reason for formation of this Front being to Empower the Marginalised & downtrodden section of Society and to ‘Build India of Equal Rights’, Popular Front of India-Goa has called for a Mass Meeting of Peace loving Goans at Lohia Maidan, Margao. Mr. Ram Puniyani a well -known Indian personality and the member of Secular Forum of India will be the Chief Guest, Mr. Waman Meshram- President of Bharat Mukti Morcha & Mr. Govind Gawde-Convenor of UTAA will be the Guest of Honours and Mr. Abdul Wahid Sait-Secretary of Popular Front of India will be the key note Speaker. Host of other dignitaries too will grace the dais on the occasion and people from all walks of life will participate in this Public Meeting. ‘Unity March’ has also been organized & will commence from Municipal Building and will take a round of MMC Garden to enter Lohia Maidan at 3 pm on the said day.
Goans from all walks of life are requested to participate the Public Meeting on 17th February, 2015 at 3 pm in the interest of the Nation & Goa and help defeat Fascist forces by joining hands with Popular Front and Secular Organisations of Goa.

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