Popular Front spends 9 crores for social empowerment

Calicut: Popular Front spent nearly nine crores for its educational and economic empowerment programmes in 2013. It has come to light in the report presented in the annual National General Assembly(NGA) meeting held here on 1-3 Feb that the organization have largely focused on socio-economic development and have successfully implemented various projects like school kit distribution, single teacher schools, interest -free micro loans, Sarva Shiksha Grams in different states.

Delegates from different states who participated in the meeting stressed that the organization now, twenty years after its formation in 1993, has to expand its activities to new fields. It was also observed that the organization could not make expected advancement in fields like media and social networks but have had increased support from students and ulema.

In the discussion held on the topic “100 Years of Freedom”, most of the delegates expressed the opinion that the country’s greatest threat in coming years would be the instabilities created by the rapid advancement in technology.

E Abubacker in his concluding remarks said that the organisation should pull back the new generation to the ground realities. Addicted to social networks, they withdraw themselves after personally reacting to the injustice on social networks. Only when we get them involved in social realities an alternative political strategy could be evolved instead of the current musical chair of similar combinations.

Chairman KM Shareef, Vice Chairman Prof. P Koya, General Secretary O M A Salam, Muhammadali Jinnah, Elyas Mohammed Thumbe, (Mangalore) Ansar Indori (Delhi), Karamana Ashraf Moulavi (Kerala), K Sadath (Kerala), Aslam Master and Haseebul Islam (Murshidabad) led the discussions

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